Registration Form 2014

Please print clearly in dark ink. One person per registration form.
Please photocopy to make additional print outs for additional registrations.

At this date all registrations should come to the door.
Your mailed registration will not arrive in time to be processed and returned to you.
All of the action starts on September 10th, 2014
To register come to the door of the Church Hall at Grant Ave. and E. Central Ave. in Seaside Heights, NJ.
Our Clownfest registration desk will be there.
AT THE DOOR registration fees will apply at that time..

Register Early & $AVE!

FREE... Pre-Day to every Full Registration by July 14th, 2014!
FREE... T-Shirt to the first 25 registrants!!

Event Dates:Thursday, Sept. 11 to Sunday, Sept. 14, 2014.
Pre-Day: Wednesday, Sept. 10, 2014. It all happens in Seaside Heights, NJ.


PAY BEFORE JULY 14th- ADULT *Full Registration = $125.00 (Includes all events and Party.)
B.) PAY AFTER JULY 14th - ADULT Full Registration = $150.00 (Includes all events and Party.)
C.) PAY At the Door - DAY- RATE = $75.00. (Non-Competitor, includes events on that ONE day.)
D.) PAY At the Door - ADULT Full Registration = $175.00

A Full Registration is needed to Compete.The Saturday Night Party is.included in a Full Registration.

JUNIOR REGISTRATION: (16 years and Younger)

E.) PAY BEFORE JULY 14th - JUNIOR *Full Registration = $75.00 (Includes all events and Party.)
F.) PAY AFTER JUlY 14th - JUNIOR Full Registration = $85.00 (Includes all events and Party.)
G.) PAY At the Door - DAY-RATE = $75.00 (Non-competitor, includes all activities on that ONE day.)
H.) PAY At the Door - JUNIOR Full Registration = $100.00
A Full Registration is needed to Compete. The Saturday Night Party is.included in a Full Registration.


Additional "Boardwalk Stomp Party" Guest Ticket = $25.00 (NO TICKETS AFTER SEPT. 11TH.)
PAY BEFORE JULY 14th - PRE-DAY on Sept. 10th, = $50.00 (*FREE w/Full Registration by July 14.)
PAY AFTER JULY 14th - PRE-DAY on Sept. 10th, = $65.00
PAY AT THE DOOR - DAY-RATE = $75.00 (On Saturday the Party is a separate fee of $25.00.)

Clownfest ® Mail With Check (US Funds Only) made out to... NCAP, Inc
Please fill out the form clearly and correctly in dark ink.
Then bring to the registration desk at clownfest.
Given Name:____________________________________________________________

Clown Name:___________________________________________________________

City:______________________ State:____________ Zip:_______________
Phone:___________________ Email:____________________________________
A.) ADULT REGISTRATION: $ ______________ Dated: _____/ _____/ 2014
B.) JUNIOR REGISTRATION: $______________ (16 and Under) Age: ______
C.) ADDITIONAL PARTY TICKET(S): QUANTITY _____ X $25.00 = $_____
D.) PRE-ORDER T-SHIRT: QUANTITY _____ X $15 = $_____ SIZE(S): _____
(T-Shirt, Pre-order for pick up at the event.)
E.) Check off event or programs that you plan to be a part of:
Certificate Program
  _____ Saturday Boardwalk Clown Activities
  _____ Saturday Evening "Boardwalk Stomp Party" and Awards
  _____ Sunday Afternoon, 2PM "Clownfest Boardwalk Clown Parade"

Number: # _____ - Dated: ____/ ____/ 2014 - Certificate ____

A $20. processing fee will be placed on all donations that are canceled before the cut off date of June 2nd,2013.
No cancellations or refunds will be honored after June 2nd, 2013
Make your check payable to N.C.A.P., Inc. - in US funds only.

For further information:
Email - - FAX: 732-747-3841