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Duane Laflin

Duane Laflin is the author of over 20 books on using magic tricks for the purpose of teaching and entertainment. As a professional magician, his specialty is family entertainment and the sharing of a positive message. His highly acclaimed "Illusion and Truth About Drug Abuse" presentation is considered by many to be the most interesting yet powerful anti-drug abuse assembly program they have ever seen.

As an "Illusionist", Duane Laflin is one of the best in the business. At conventions of magicians he regularly "headlines" evening programs and is a featured lecturer. He is also the inventor of more than a dozen tricks that are regularly used by other performers.

More than 20 years experience performing for public schools
Invited to lecture to magicians at Hollywood's famous "Magic Castle"
International President of the "Fellowship of Christian Magicians"
Author of more than 20 books on using tricks for the purpose of entertainment and teaching. His book "Practical Magic For Kid Show and School Show Entertainers" has been very popular among magicians in the United States and Europe. Producer and performer in a series of video tapes marketed to magicians. Performed in most of the 50 states of the U. S., done many television spots, worked in theaters, shows, and conventions too numerous to list.

Duane's Work With Clowns:

Taught at Richard Snowberg's "Clown Camp" at Lacrosse, Wisconsin
Taught and performed for small and large clown conventions all across America
Taught at the "International Festival of Children's Magicians"
(which especially favors clowning)
Taught at "Circus Magic"
Is an expert on the dynamics of keeping large crowds happy and entertained

Duane's magic is perfect for clowns. Rather than trying to show superiority by "tricking" people, he makes the tricks fun and "wonder-full". His emphasis is entertainment and simplicity in presenting colorful, exciting, happy effects.

The "Happy Magic" of Duane Laflin
Duane Laflin is a specialist in the field of family entertainment. His confounding illusions are a treat for the eyes. His professional conduct puts a smile in the heart. To watch and experience his combination of classic magic tricks, upbeat attitude, and comedy emphasis is truly "wonder-full".

Duane has been developing his style of performance for more than twenty years. His performances have taken him to nearly all 50 states of the USA and also to Canada, England, and New Zealand. He has written over 25 books on using tricks and special optical effects for the purposes of entertainment and teaching. In March of 1995 he was invited to the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California, to lecture to other magicians on the art of presenting illusions and creating dynamic programs.

Along with doing his classic magic tricks, with a comedy twist, Duane Laflin also uses his illusions as teaching aids. He regularly works in public schools doing assembly programs under the theme of "Illusion and Truth about Drug Abuse", and he is well known for his work in churches, where he uses creative teaching aids to give a spiritual challenge. From 1991 through 1995, Duane Laflin was the International President of the Fellowship of Christian Magicians.

When humor, talent, and positive attitude are used to produce astonishment, laughter, and spectacular effect, the result is "Happy Magic". Duane Laflin's entertaining and inspiring performance style is exactly that... "Happy Magic".